“If you wish to work with a logistics company that promises to take you to the target right on time”

Having launched its İzmir-centered business activity in 2001, Nares Logistics has sailed off to the logistics sector with a team of young and dynamic managers.

Our objective is to become one of the most credible companies within the sector by means of providing our customers with the most convenient and economical solutions to their logistical demands.

To generate our services within Turkey and throughout the five continents of the world, we conduct our business in collaboration with credible business partners.

As the world becomes global, developed economies aim at increasing their share in trade around the world whereas the developing economies strive, with all their power, to increase their exports.

Under these circumstances, the world is, definitely, in need of reliable and competent organizations serving the global logistics sector. In our day, characterized by intense and fierce competition, it is our job to provide advantages for our clients.

We stand by our customers in excitement, with our organizational and highly developed follow-up skills, as well as our strong infrastructure. Throughout the past years, we have succeeded in becoming reputable and credible vis-a-vis all our business partners.